RaddyTheBrand Gear

Computer Gear 🖥

Everything I have is more than perfect for Web Development, Design and Recording. Saying this having to edit long videos and export to 4K is tough. The last 3-hour, 4K up-scaled video I exported took 7 hours.

Favourite gear has to be my Blue Yeti X mic, my Logitech keyboard and my Corsair Mouse.

My friends say that a potato is more powerful than my PC.

🤩 🤩 🤩 Web Development 
🙂 😝 😅 Gaming
🤔 🥱 🙄 Video Editing 

Recording Gear 🎙

My Nikon camera is not very good when it comes to Videography. It goes to 24fps and the autofocus is garbage. Saying this the camera is perfectly fine for and creating my intro videos. And as for Photography, I think that you can take good photos with it as long as you have some photography skills.

The other gear such as the Microphones, Lens and GoPro are totally worth it.

🤩 🙂 🙂 Photography
🤩 🤩 🙂 Audio
🙁 🙁 😑 Videography