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Logitech Streamcam – Camera not available at 1080 60fps (Full HD) – Solution

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I bought my Logitech Streamcam new from Amazon and directly used the Type C Port without any adapters. Unfortunately, I was unable to have the Full HD (1080p 60fps) working. It would only work sometimes when I restart my PC and then usually displays “Camera not available”. By the way, I am on Windows 10 with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970.

The Logitech Streamcam “Getting Started” guide shows that Type C ports and USB 3.0 should work. Unfortunately for me, the Type C port didn’t work and I had to purchase a converter.

StreamCam Connectivity

An interesting thing happened as I was debugging the issue. For some reason, the thruput is too much on my USB Type C port.



Try using a regular 3.0 USB port with a USB converter. You need to search for “USB C Female to USB Male Adapter 3.1 or 3.0“.

Here are two affiliate links to Amazon products that should work. You might as well invest in a USB 3.1 adaptor as the price is almost the same as USB 3.0. I went for the first smaller and cheaper convertor.

The product quality is surprisingly really good.

Logitech streamcam usb adaptor
Logitech streamcam usb adaptor

Let me know if this worked for you and I hope that Logitech fixes this problem.

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