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There are a number of ways you can support me and my channel. Check out the list below.

This page is a working progress. Call it MVP or v1.0.0. Better UI coming soon.


The easiest way of supporting me and my work is to donate. It doesn’t have to be much.

Please donate only if you can afford it. I appreciate you watching my videos and reading the articles.

Branded Merch

Support the channel by buying premium merchandise from the official shop. I get a small cut from each purchase and you get high-quality clothing with style.

Digital Products

Most of my digital products are free. You can still choose to donate a few pennies if you wish. 


Sharing is free and easy. You can support me, the YouTube Channel and this website by sharing with colleagues, family, friends and pets. You could also comment on my videos, like the videos and consider subscribing. Feel free to tweet as well!


If you wish to sponsor please email me directly.


This website uses Google Ads to help with server costs. I try to place the ads in the articles where they are less intrusive.


I am a Brave Verified Creator, which means that you can make it rain by sending some BAT (Basic Attraction Token). It’s fairly inexpensive to buy, or you can earn it by using the Brave browser.